Childers Eatery





You can eat anywhere. But why settle for food that simply fills your stomach when a truly satisfying dining experience awaits you at Childers Eatery?

 If you’re from Central Illinois, it’s hard to remember a time when Childers Eatery wasn’t feeding the hearts, souls and stomachs of Peoria-area diners. But have you ever wondered exactly what sets our eatery apart from average restaurants in Peoria?

 You’ll know you’re at a true eatery when…

  • ~ you’re welcomed with a warm smile
  • ~ the buzz of friendly conversation fills the air
  • ~ browsing the eclectic menu makes you feel like a kid in a candy shop
  • ~ your eyes widen as your meal arrives
  • ~ your taste buds thrill at dishes crafted by our professionally trained chef using ~ fresh, flavorful ingredients
  • ~ you leave feeling beyond satisfied
  • ~ you can barely wait for your next visit when you experience Childers


If you haven’t been to Childers Eatery lately, it’s time to revisit this Central Illinois favorite. 

We’ve always offered great food and service at affordable prices, so what’s new? Well, for starters, we grow organic fruits and vegetables on-site for the ultimate in wholesome freshness. We’ve also expanded our menu to include an exciting mix of your favorite breakfast and lunch foods. Tried-and-true classics, new twists on old favorites and creative new dishes will have you wondering why it’s been so long. From classic deli sandwiches to our crab-stuffed version of Eggs Benedict, we offer everything you love – and the new dishes you’ll start to crave.