Junction City opened in May 1956. The flagship enterprise was Vonachen’s Junction, a restaurant with a railroad theme. Decorated with old time relics of earlier railroad days, Vonachen’s Junction was the concept of Mrs. Pauline Jacquin and owner Pete Vonachen. The Kellar Station had been across Knoxville and the restaurant was built on the location of the former “Triangle” Roadhouse. In 1957, the elegant private dining car of TP&W President William McNear was acquired and moved to the new restaurant along with a Chicago & Eastern railroad car. Both cars became intriguing dining rooms enticing customers from around the nation.

The shopping center construction began in 1958, by incorporators John J. Manning, Arthur C. Faber and Willard B. Gaskins. A few of the original stores were National Tea Super Market, McMaster’s Drug Store, Biehl’s Dry Cleaners and Junction City Barbers, some of which exist today and continue to provide exceptional personal service. The grey, board and baton structure was built to honor and evoke the feeling of turn-of-the-century Main Street. The original concept, fresh in 1958 still plays well. Customers enjoy strolling the boardwalk while shopping and enjoying the award winning gardens, and taking advantage of the many indoor and outdoor dining possibilities.

Junction City has a history of hosting special events for the community and this tradition of being community centric continues today. In today’s world of strip-malls and mega-malls, Junction City feels familiar and is an easy and enjoyable place to shop and spend the day. Please visit and experience our commitment to friendly service and community.

Alexis and Elizabeth Khazzam are proudly renovating Junction City.