Doc Halliday, Attorney at Law


By Appointment.




Doc Halliday has earned a reputation as one of Central Illinois most respected lawyers. During the past decade, he has concentrated his practice in the area of personal injury and worker’s compensation cases. He has brought the same competitive spirit from his younger years to his current representation of personal injury victims and worker’s compensation clients. He represents clients in personal injury cases, including wrongful death claims and serious automobile accidents. He also represents injured workers in their worker’s compensation claims, making sure they are fairly treated by the employers.

Doc Halliday has Peoria roots. His firm began here in his community. He approaches each case with respect for everyone involved. Integrity and professionalism starts when clients first walk in the door. He recognizes that clients come to him in times of emotional and physical troubles. While he is always ready to aggressively argue their cases I court, he is equally skilled in negotiation and achieving resolutions without fighting. He approaches each case as counsel, working out the best solution for his clients’ lives. He is proudest when he earns their respect and thanks. No matter the case—big or small—Doc Halliday gives personal attention to each. He prides himself on a reputation for honesty and integrity, established by years of hard work practicing in Central Illinois. He truly cares about every individual client.