Junction City Shopping Center App

Shop Junction App – New Features and Functions

A program to enhance the shopping experience

The new version of the Shop Junction app integrates ease of usability and fully functional programs to enhance the shopping experience. Shops will offer great deals to the customers daily, including coupons and percentage discounts. Our new loyalty program allows points to be earned by purchases or check-ins at specific shops. The points are then spent on rewards provided by the shop. This eliminates physical, unnecessary loyalty cards that take up space and are always misplaced. A new feature of the loyalty program is the ability to earn more points by posting your activity to Facebook or Twitter, as well as checking in to the store. Integrating the loyalty function of the Shop Junction app into social media creates easier connectivity between you and your favorite businesses.

The new design simplifies consumer usability and adds to the full experience of shopping at Junction. The home screen displays all of the app’s functions in beautiful, bold print. Each aspect of the app was thoroughly thought out to with the consumer in mind. The custom map view allows the user to see the layout of the center from above and help you find the exact shop you are looking for with. The map view also notifies which stores have deals and discounts and takes you straight to the offers with one click.


Shop Junction App  Shop Junction App