Why Shop Local?

Why Shop Local?

Businesses that rely on the brick-and-mortar business model seem to be in big trouble. Why? Amazon. There seems to be a “silent crisis” that needs to be brought to light in the retail industry. The rise of eCommerce, specifically Amazon, has sent shockwaves throughout the retail economy and thus the local and state economies.

So, what’s the difference between buying on Amazon and a local brick-and-mortar? Taxes. Both sides collect taxes on all purchases, but how the taxes are spent is where the problem lies.

Spending $100 at Junction City or any other local business Vs. Spending $100 on Amazon, a break down:

Shop Local Graphic

As you can see from the graphic, the benefits for the City of Peoria when shopping at Junction City heavily outweigh the benefits from shopping on Amazon. When there is less sales tax revenue there are inevitably going to be an increase in more cuts to government services such as infrastructure, education, and emergency services. We are incredibly dedicated to the City of Peoria and all who reside here. Now is the time more than ever to continue and increase your support of local brick-and-mortar stores in our community!