Zagster Bike Rentals at Junction City

Zagster Bike

Zagster Bike Rentals

Junction City has partnered with Zagster to give the surrounding community a quick and easy way to rent or share bikes! This bike share program allows you to rent bicycles at our station located around the corner of Farrell’s.

How does it work?

Join the program by downloading the Zagster app and creating an account by joining the City Cycle bike share. With this app you can check out pricing and view other station locations within Peoria!


Unlock a bike by using your phone which will give you an unlock code that you type into as pictured above. The ring will then unlock and the cable will be removable. All you have left to do is to enjoy your ride! Make quick stops along the way by locking your bike to any public bike rack. When you are done riding just simply lock your bike to any Zagster bike stations and end your ride in the app!

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